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The Next Generation of Facial Motion Capture

Streamline your facial motion capture pipeline with Portal, our cloud-based platform that generates animation data from performance capture videos automatically.

Upload a facial performance video to Portal and get animation data in seconds.

A Streamlined Workflow


Capture excellent video with a high-quality source like our flagship Mark IV HMC


Upload your video(s) to Portal for automated processing


Download your data and start animating!

Automated Processing

Goodbye, Manual Tracking

Faceware Portal eliminates the most time-consuming part of a facial animation pipeline: manual tracking.

Our patented AI technology enables high-fidelity processing of facial movements from performance capture videos automatically.

All of the key elements of a great facial performance, from asymmetry to very subtle movements, are captured in detail so your animation shines.

Explore the Power of Portal

Save valuable time for your team by comparing traditional hand-tracked workflows with our new streamlined workflow in Faceware Portal.

Portal generates several types of data files, which give you the flexibility to choose what's best for your project.

Use Portal's animation and retargeting data (FWR) for automated head-start animation (AutoSolve) or high-quality pose-based workflows using Faceware Retargeter.

Or, create a custom pipeline for any game engine or Digital Content Creation (DCC) platform and drive characters using Portal's animation control data (JSON).

Processed videos generate frame-accurate animation control data in plain-text JSON format, which contains the values for each animation control.

Use this data to apply animation to character rigs quickly. The data is environment agnostic, so the only limit is your imagination (and scripting ability).

For Retargeter pipelines, you can get the same automated results using Retargeter's AutoSolve feature with Portal's FWR data.

Trusted Quality

The Best, Nothing Less

Faceware Portal generates the same high-quality retargeting data that has made Faceware an industry leader for decades.

For A-tier animation, use Portal's Retargeter for pose-based workflows to produce the type of animation that delights audiences and wins awards.

Animate Faster

Get Results in Seconds, Not Days

Portal delivers animation data so quickly that you can vet results on set during a shoot.

In an instant, you can review the processing to QA tracking results and apply animation control data (JSON) to get your character moving without hand-keying animation.

Then, you can dial in your talent's performance and tailor the environment for the best capture and final animation results.


Commonly asked questions about the Portal workflow and best practices for use in productions.

What is Faceware Portal?

Faceware Portal is Faceware's latest product offering. It is a cloud-based, automated facial tracking platform that provides a fast, efficient way to produce high-quality facial animation from pre-recorded videos - without any manual tracking.

How does Faceware Portal benefit my facial pipeline?

Faceware Portal replaces the need to manually track facial data. It is a fully automated process that completely replaces the need to work in tools like Faceware Analyzer. This means a huge increase in the amount of facial data you can process and animate, as well as time saved.

Do I need to shoot a Range of Motion (ROM) video for Faceware Portal?

No! Classically, the 'range of motion' video would be shot and used to create custom tracking models for your performer. Faceware Portal requires no input from the user to track your facial performance, so ROMs are no longer required!

Can I QC the tracking results easily?

Yes! Once processing is finished in Faceware Portal, the completed tracking results will be viewable in a preview video that you can instantly review and see results before downloading.

Can I edit my tracking results?

Yes, you can edit your tracking results via an .FWT file in Analyzer. However, the goal in Faceware Portal is to create high-quality tracking data as quickly as possible. In the vast majority of cases, it is more efficient to adjust any results in Retargeter rather than edit the tracking directly.

How do I use Faceware Portal?

You simply upload your videos to Portal via any web browser. From there, you can choose your preferred output to download.

What is the output of Faceware Portal?

Faceware Portal produces our standard .FWR files for use in Retargeter as well as a set of animation values in .JSON format.

What type of video is compatible with Faceware Portal?

While we recommend the Mark IV HMC for best results, Faceware Portal is camera agnostic! Most common video formats are supported, but we recommend video at 720p/60 RGB. Please be sure to reference the link below for the highest quality results:

Facial Capture Best Practices

How long does it really take?

On average, a 60 fps video that is 30 seconds long will take about 2 minutes to process with Faceware Portal. Typically a skilled Analyzer user would take 4-6 hours to process the same video. Processing time on Faceware Portal varies based on the size and length of the video– but remember, this process is entirely automatic! Many teams opt to process in the background while moving on to another task.

Can the JSON data be used in a proprietary engine?

Yes, the JSON data can be used in any proprietary engine.

Unlock the Power of Faceware Portal