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Pricing Options

Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions


  • All quotes are based on payment in full prior to services rendered, session scheduled, or delivery, unless otherwise stated in the quote itself and confirmed by Faceware.
  • Delivery Method: Your purchase order, once executed, contains downloadable software. Software may be delivered via USB dongle(s).
  • Duties and taxes will be billed separately.
  • All services are provided under FTI’s general business terms and conditions, unless a separate Master Service Agreement is in place between FTI and Customer.
  • Software support and Camera Warranties are included for the first year and can be renewed or extended every 12 months.
  • Any commercially released product or title that is known to have been produced with the aid of licensed software is subject to post-release promotion, including cover art and publicly released still frames and videos on FTI print and online materials.
  • Publicly announced and released materials associated with this agreement may be promoted on FTI website and marketing material.
  • FTI ships worldwide via FedEx, UPS and DHL. Use of any other carriers cannot be accommodated. Local pick up by freight forwarders may be permitted; there is a fee to prep for alternate shipper pickup.

​If Supervision Services are included

  • Hours worked beyond 8 hours in a given 24 hour period will be billed at $150/hr.
  • Transportation days may be billable for personnel and equipment.
  • All labor rates including supervision and PA service are quoted and based on U.S. Labor laws and accepted practices of an 8-hour workday, 5-day week.

​If Equipment Rentals are included

  • All rentals require a Certificate of Insurance naming Faceware Technologies, Inc. as “loss payee” for equipment value of $50,000 USD and liability coverage of no less than $1,000,000 USD.
  • Once equipment is returned it is evaluated and additional billing may occur for damage or missing parts.
  • If Certificate of Insurance cannot be provided then a rental deposit covering all rental equipment may be required.

​General Payments

  • FTI services and products are provided in US Dollars. Payment received by FTI must match USD amount billed.
  • Payment may be made with credit card with the addition of a 4.5% processing service charge.
  • Any bank fees for payment are payable by Customer.
  • All items sold within the US are subject to State Sales Tax.
  • A wire fee of $35 USD must be included for each wire payment pertaining to this order.

For Software Orders

  • 100% of purchase order is due at the execution of contract and prior to license delivery.
  • 100% of Custom Development due upon execution of contract.

​For Camera, Rental, and Complete System Orders

  • 50% of purchase order is due at the execution of contract.
  • Balance of purchase order is due prior to completion and delivery.
  • For purchase orders less than $7,500 USD, 100% of purchase order is due upon receipt of invoice.
  • 100% of Custom Development due upon execution of contract.

Annual Software Support Policy

  • Failure to renew software support will result in loss of benefits including:
    • Access to latest and previous software builds online.
    • Ability to upgrade to latest compatible version (Maya 2020, Unreal 4.24, etc).
    • Ability to move, transfer or re-issue licenses for any reason.
    • Access to Faceware support ticketing system.​
  • Support contracts should be maintained continuously.
  • In the event that a support contract has lapsed, Renewal orders may cover any lapsed periods in coverage.
  • An expired renewal contract may be back-dated to the point where the previous support contract expired, and any renewal of any lapsed contract is only available on currently supported products.
  • In the event that the coverage lapse is longer than six (6) months, an additional reinstatement fee of 50% of the support contract annual amount must be paid in order to allow the support renewal, over and above the requirement to back-date to the prior expiration.
    • Support that lapses beyond 6 months will renew under the most current pricing rates.
  • Additionally, the term of the renewal contract must be 12 months from the reinstatement date, so a co-term quote will need to be created.
  • The reinstatement fee is a one-time, nonrefundable fee, and does not apply to the purchase of the support services contract. Service contract reinstatement fees depend on the specific products.

Indie License Eligibility

Please read the terms below to understand if you are eligible to purchase an Indie License. If you are not eligible, you must purchase a standard Professional License. To be eligible:

  • Your annual gross revenues and/or funding cannot exceed $100,000 USD, regardless of whether or not you’re working on commercial work or doing an evaluation/prototyping
  • You are not providing work to a third party/project with revenues exceeding $100,000 USD
  • You do not already own a Professional License of any Faceware Products
  • You have read and acknowledged the End User License Agreement

If your eligibility changes during the term of the license, you are obligated to contact us and upgrade your license.

For a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions about Indie Pricing and the Indie License, please visit the Indie License FAQ on our Knowledge Base.

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