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A Ghoulish List of Faceware's Facial Frights - Horror Games, Animation & More

A Ghoulish List of Faceware's Facial Frights - Horror Games, Animation & More

28 October, 2022
A Ghoulish List of Faceware's Facial Frights - Horror Games, Animation & More

Happy Halloween! This season of spooky fun, we’re revisiting some particularly scary projects including games, animation, and more that were powered by Faceware motion capture. From the swamps of the Louisiana Baker Family Plantation to the iconic Ghostbusters Headquarters in New York City, we’ve got creatively creepy entertainment for everyone. If you’re looking for the perfect haunt to round out October, give this little list a peek. You’re sure to find some horrific indulgences here.

Resident Evil 7 & 8 (Capcom)

We’re not in Raccoon City anymore, Toto. Nope, the Resident Evil series has grown up and moved on, and that means whole new places to be forever terrified of ever visiting. 

So let’s start off close to home with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Home being the operative word here, because while RE7 does indeed take place in the States, that is surely the only “homey” thing about the title. Just seconds into the game, the Baker Family residence quickly proves to be less of a comfy shelter with loved ones and more of a terrifying maze filled with black sludge monsters and murderous mutants. And nothing scares us more than when the game gets up close and personal with Ma and Pa Baker. It may be hard to appreciate the actors’ performances and the artists’ facial animation work when you’re screaming your lungs out, but we promise it’s quite impressive. Capcom did an amazing job pumping fresh life into this classic horror series, and we’re very honored to have had a hand in Resident Evil’s newest resurrection.

And hey, if swamps and sludge aren’t your thing, there’s always the frigid climes of the eastern European village in Resident Evil 8. There’s no Baker Family to worry about there either. Just watch out for the wolfmen, giant lady vampires, haunted dolls, and mechanized monstrosities, and you’ll be fine.

The Well (Treehouse Digital)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from horror stories over the years, it’s to stay away from abandoned wells sitting in the middle of the forest. There’s always something terrifying waiting for you at the bottom. Dare to find out what’s at the bottom of this one?

Treehouse Digital’s short Halloween film, The Well, has been making a major splash this year at a number of film festivals: the Edinburgh Short Film Festival, the Bolton International Film Festival, the Vancouver Horror Show Film Festival, the IndieCork Film Festival, and the Rhode Island International Film Festival just to name a few. 

If you’d like to check out the short film yourself, you can do so right now over at Treehouse Digital’s YouTube channel. Once you’ve seen the film for yourself, be sure to also check out their behind-the-scenes video, showcasing how Treehouse went about putting the project together with Faceware and Unreal Engine’s Metahumans.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed (IllFonic)

Got your stick? Heat ‘em up! That’s right, it’s ghostbusting time. If you’re like us and grew up wanting to strap on a proton pack to bust some neighborhood poltergeists, then we’ve got the game for you! 

IllFonic’s Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is out now, and it’s your chance to really flaunt those ghostbusting abilities. This cooperative multiplayer game will pit you and your fellow ghostbusters against a ghoulie who’s running amok. Or hey, if you’d like to be the one responsible for the hauntings instead, then you can always choose to play as the ghost. See if you can elude the team of expert Ghostbusters while causing as much of a headache for the living as possible!

In between matches, you’ll be able to experience the story of Spirits Unleashed, starring the original Ghostbusters Ray and Winston. They’re back looking to train up the next generation of professional Ghostbusters. We’re grateful to IllFonic for choosing Faceware to power their facial animation pipeline, and honored to have played a part in this latest chapter of ghostbusting history.

And many more ghastly games

Whether it's spent tracking ghosts with your P.K.E. meter or fleeing from the giantess Lady Dimitrescu through her gothic castle, your October is sure to be positively terrifying. Fortunately, there’s still just enough time left to squeeze in one last spook before we close out this Halloween. 

- The Evil Within 2 (Counterpunch Studios / Tango Gameworks)

-Wilson’s Heart (Twisted Pixel Games)

- Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul (VRWERX)

- Dying Light: The Following (Techland)

- Coming Soon: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (Teravision Games)

No matter your choice, you’re sure to be in for a scare. A scare that Faceware is proud to have played a part in. Motion capture has never been so frightening!

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