Facial Motion Capture Products

With our suite of facial motion capture products, you can easily capture stunning, realistic facial motion from an actor with a single video camera.

Our intuitive facial tracking and solving products put the most powerful facial motion capture tech in the world into the hands of you and your team.

Faceware Technologies pioneered video-based facial animation more than a decade ago.  Our products have been used on over 115 titles, including an Oscar-winning feature film and multiple video games that have won ‘Game of the Year’.    Try out the latest versions of  Live, Analyzer and Retargeter, even request a trial of our Pro HD Headcam system.

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Emotion Capture

Faces are the most recognized conduit of emotion.  Stories are told and sold through human performance and skilled digital artistry.   Faceware products solve the complicated challenge of creating believable facial animation through an intuitive, efficient workflow.

The underlying methodology is built with a perfect balance of art and technology; capturing raw human emotion and allowing seamless application onto any digital character.  Leverage robust algorithms that understand the many intricacies of facial movement through years of experience in digital entertainment.

Most importantly; integration of our products is simple and straight-forward.

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Designed and Built for the Real World

With over 9 years of development in proven head-mounted capture, experience matters.

Our Headcam systems let you capture crystal clear video that is ideal for both animator reference and for facial motion capture tracking with our software.

To get the best performance out of your talent, you need a reliable, comfortable fitting Headcam that can be worn all day long.  Our expert engineers have designed our systems to be light-weight for actor comfort and built to withstand the rigors of production.  You can rely on our designs to get you through those long shoot days with no issues.


Exclusive Software Features


Automatically track your video file with the simple push of a button.


Create animation on your character automatically from an Expression Set.

Real-Time Facial Animation

Stream real-time facial animation directly onto your character instantly.

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