What Does Analyzer Do?

Analyzer is marker-less facial motion tracking software. It converts any video of an actor’s facial performance into facial motion files for use in Retargeter.

How it Works

It uses our powerful facial recognition technology. Analyzer tracks the face and creates high-quality facial motion capture data with a simple, intuitive workflow.

Video Tutorials

Learn all of Analyzer’s features and best practices. We cover mark-up, training, tracking, using tracking models, AutoTrack, and more in our in-depth video tutorials.

Free 30-Day Trial

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Powerful, Robust, and Feature Rich

Everything you need for facial motion capture.

Analyzer is already the premiere facial performance tracking software chosen by experts around the world for their ground-breaking projects. Now, we’ve made it even better.

With new features like Timecode Support, Capture and Trimming, and a technological core drawing from over 10,000 minutes of facial performance data and users in almost 50 countries, Analyzer is simply the most powerful tool available.

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Seeing is Believing

Eyes are the essence of performance.

Eyes bring out the emotion and believability of any performance. Our advanced pixel-tracking technology provides extremely accurate eye and gaze tracking further reducing the barrier between your performance actor and their digital counterpart. With Analyzer’s powerful, automatic eye tracking , you will see the soul behind your character’s eyes.

There’s a reason The New York Times hails Analyzer as “Technology that captures the soul“. You’ve created the character – Now bring them to life..

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Licensing Options for Everyone

PLE, Commercial, Academic and Government Licenses.

We believe in professional grade software with the ability to license to anyone. That’s why we created our new Personal Learning Edition license, which is a free version for our non-commercial customers. And if you’re a Government Agency or need to fill seats for your classroom, we have options for you too. For commercial users, we now offer Studio and Studio Plus versions, based on what features you need for your project.

Everyone should use what the Pros use. Now, no matter who you are, we have a license ready for you.

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How Can You Track Everything?

Every human face is similar.

Between our team of Animators and Computer Vision PhD’s, we have over four decades of combined experience in the study of the human face. Our experience has taught us a smart approach to facial motion capture. Every human face has a similar appearance; Analyzer can easily identify key features of the face.

This includes hard to capture areas such as the upper cheeks, lower eyelids, and jaw position.

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We Speak Your Language

Analyzer now supports 10 languages.

It’s easier to learn when we speak your language. That’s why we’ve expanded our software to support 10 of the most widely spoken languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish (Castilian)
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Arabic

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Analyzer Feature Comparison

Analyzer is available in the ‘Studio‘ version and the full-featured ‘Studio Plus‘ version.

In ‘Studio’ you can use the features previously available only to Analyzer Pro users as well as our new Capture, Timecode, and Trimming features.

Upgrade to Analyzer ‘Studio Plus’ to use extended features such as Global Tracking Models, and maximize your team’s efficiency by Batch-Scripting the tracking process.

* Data from Analyzer Studio and Studio Plus is compatible with both the Studio and Studio Plus versions of Retargeter.

Features Analyzer Studio Analyzer Studio Plus
Compatible with any video type
‘AutoTrack’ one-button technology
Shape & texture tracking
Capture video straight into Analyzer NEW NEW
Support for 10 Languages NEW NEW
Eye & gaze tracking
Support for timecode NEW NEW
Faster, more powerful workflow NEW
Automatically indicate tracking regions
Server (floating) licenses (additional fee) NEW
Quickly refine and improve data NEW
Custom actor tracking models NEW
Import & export global actor tracking models
Batch functionality (command-line)
Automate nearly everything

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