The Best Facial Motion Capture Software Products

Faceware’s motion capture and animation software products are used by professional and indie animation teams all over the world to create realistic facial animation. Our software products have been used on hundreds of projects over the past decade. We offer realtime animation (Live) for interactive events and pre-visualization, as well as our Creation Suite products (Analyzer and Retargeter) for high-quality facial animation. Learn more about our software products below.


Faceware Analyzer

Professional Facial Tracking Software

Analyzer is marker-less, single-camera facial motion capture software. With Analyzer you’ll be able to track even the most minute details of an Actor’s facial performance quickly and easily using an intuitive workflow.

  • Use any video or even record directly into Analyzer with the new Capture feature.
  • Read and trim by time-code, by frame, or job length, streamlining your animation pipeline.
  • Use Autotrack to track your performance with one button, or create a Custom Tracking Model to refine and pinpoint the exact performance you want.
  • Share global tracking models between users for incredible efficiency.
  • Export data to Retargeter or export directly to XML format for use in your own solver.

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Faceware Retargeter

Professional Facial Animation Software

Retargeter is a plugin to Autodesk Maya, Motionbuilder and 3DS MAX which uses the data exported from Analyzer to produce high-quality, lifelike facial animation.

  • Retargeter operates with any character or rig. If you can keyframe it, Retargeter can drive it.
  • Teach Retargeter how you want your rig to work with a simple Character Setup process.
  • Load your Analyzer performance data and use a quick and intuitive Pose-based workflow to achieve realistic, high-quality animation.
  • Use Shared Pose Libraries to greatly increase consistency and speed.
  • No time to lose? Use AutoSolve to automatically generate animation.
  • Automate the animation process with command-line access and batch commands.

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Faceware Live

Interactive, Realtime Facial Animation Software

Live is marker-less, real-time facial motion capture software that operates independently of Analyzer and Retargeter.

  • Capture realistic motion from a single camera (no depth required) and stream facial animation data onto any custom character in Unreal Engine 4, Motionbuilder, or Unity clients from the Faceware Live Server app.
  • Or, create your own custom solver and read animation data from Live Server via TCP
  • No lengthy calibration required.
  • Simple, intuitive character setup process.
  • Designed for live broadcasts, rapid production, and project pre-visualization.

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