Pro HD Headcam System


Our Pro HD Headcam System is the most robust solution for shooting facial motion capture video.

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Pro HD at A Glance

Capture crystal-clear 1080p video of an acting performance.  Picture is optimized for animator reference and facial tracking with Faceware software.  

Technical Specs

Fiberglass helmets, anodized aluminum mounting bars, 60 fps camera, LED light panel, 6-way bar mount, single-battery system.  Wireless available.

Watch Videos

Want to watch some actual examples of our Pro HD Headcam?  See the framing, lighting, stability, focus, stream quality, and more.

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We rent and sell our Pro HD systems world-wide.  Want to learn more about pricing for renting or buying a Pro HD Headcam System?  Simply click the button below.

Adaptability & Dependability

Limitless Options Give You The Ultimate Solution

When it comes to project variety and adaptability, we have the experience.  Our Pro HD Headcam system have been used in Film, Commercials, Video Games, and Web, and have logged over 1000 kit days of shooting.  In development since 2006, we are constantly refining the system based off feedback from users across the globe.  We understand production and we give you the tools to get your shoot done.  While capturing your performances,  choose from different helmet styles, bar designs, lens options, lighting balance, battery capacities, robust wired or wireless options, and recording mediums.  With all of these capture choices to fulfill your needs, we’ll fit your pipeline and meet your budget. SEE ALL THE COMPONENTS INCLUDED IN OUR PRO HDHEADCAM System

Capture performances anywhere 

Facial Motion Capture With Ease

Our portable, dead silent Pro HD Headcam System is perfect for recording anywhere, including in a sound booth. Setup is quick and intuitive– actors are setup and ready to record in two minutes. The system requires no technical calibration or intensive setup. The Pro HD Headcam captures 1080p video for maximum clarity and 60 frames per second for optimal movement capture; both are necessary for the challenges of facial motion capture. The ultra lightweight system allows you to move freely in your capture environment. Best of all, capture video that is optimized for any of the Faceware software products. Watch Video Capture Examples From Our Headcams

Capture with Any Mocap Technology

Combine Face and Body with Confidence

Our Pro HD Headcam works seamlessly with every major motion capture system.
Perfect for high quality video capture in any size volume, with built-in key lighting so actors can look in any direction on the stage. Our optional wireless system can handle up to 5 actors simultaneously.   Fiberglass helmets and metal hardware stand up to abuse on stage.  Actor setup is minutes; just frame and focus the camera, no calibration or markers necessary. See our Mocap Service Partners

Record Video Your Way

Standard Video Signal Output For Complete Control

With our Pro HD Headcam System, you work with HD-SDI video signals and enjoy the benefits of real, professional video.  Fixed frame rates, long cable runs, high quality professional wireless, manual camera settings, and interchangeable lenses. Make Post Production easy.  Using professional, off the shelf devices like the AJA Ki Pro or Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro, you can embed time-code and reference audio, trigger any number of recorders or channels, name your clips, and record in “direct to edit” codecs like ProRes or DNxHD.  No spending hours copying from flash cards, no rendering, and no manual syncing. View the Pro HD Headcam Technical Specs

Custom Development

We'll Build It Exactly To Your Specifications

Our experienced hardware engineers can build a Headcam exactly to your specifications.  Want to request custom features, adjustments, or alterations?  Not a problem.  For a reasonable fee we’ll customize our systems to meet your needs.  We can build custom-molded helmets, mounting bars, padding, recording hardware, lighting, and more. Virtually any piece of our system can be customized to whatever specification your project requires. Contact us for more info about your custom headcam System

Pro HD Headcam Technical Specs


          • Fiberglass (3 helmets):
          • Provides ultimate camera rigidity
          • 3 helmet sizes (small, medium, and large)
          • Designed specifically for head mounted capture
          • Embedded steel plates in side walls
          • ½” Steel ball joint with anodized aluminum blocks for quick and secure camera mounting
          • Interchangeable, machine washable helmet padding in 1/8”, ¼”, and ½” thicknesses
          • Proven on dozens of sets Worldwide
          • Place optical markers or sensors anywhere on the helmet for use with body mocap
          • Silent operation, you can put microphones anywhere


          • HD Microcamera
          • 1/3″ CMOS chip
          • Progressive Scan
          • 1080p60 HD-SDI output with simultaneous 480i 29.97fps SD composite output
          • Camera head with lights and bar mounts weigh ~3oz
          • 3mm and 4mm glass lenses
          • Extremely light weight- no neck strain design
          • Manual focus
          • HD-SDI / 60 fps
          • On Screen Display Joystick on cable
          • Composite and HD-SDI outputs
          • 12v DC ± 10%

Camera Bars:

          • ¼” anodized 6061 aluminum tubing
          • Six actor-friendly camera mounting bars
            • Left mount drop-design 7“ (17.78 cm) (wide-angle)
            • Left mount drop-design 10“ (25.4 cm) (standard)
            • Right mount drop-design 7“ (17.78 cm) (wide-angle)
            • Right mount drop-design 10“ (25.4 cm) (standard)
            • Hoop dual-side mount 7“ (17.78 cm) (wide-angle)
            • Hoop dual-side mount 10“ (25.4 cm) (standard)

Mount and Lights:

          • Six-axis angle adjustment for unlimited framing options
          • Two-piece light weight, high strength, nylon camera mount with integrated lighting box
          • M3 black steel hardware
          • 3 SMD LED panel
          • Wide throw beam, virtually no heat
          • 3200K color temperature
          • 10v to 30v DC operating range
          • LEDs in mini-softbox with permanent diffusion panel
          • Slim inline, 8-step LED light dimmer
          • Mini 4 pin xlr power plugs
          • In line, easily removable, Velcro backed, heavy duty rocker light switch (for actors’ comfort)


          • Velcro lined inside and out (for easy mocap suit placement)
          • Adjustable from 22” (55.88cm) to 49” (124.46cm)
          • Straps and rivet points included to mount battery plate, and optional wireless transmitter

Power System:

          • Locking battery plates
          • 12v DC output
          • All components run off one rechargeable battery
          • Uses standard Sony L Series batteries, Sony branded or generic, available with 2, 4, or 6 cells
          • 2 batteries included
          • Long running time; 4 cell batteries run 8 hours without wireless, 4 hours with wireless
          • Dual battery charger included


          • 2’ and 25’ high quality, heavy gauge HD-SDI cables


          • Tool kit for mounting plates and camera adjustments
          • Pelican 1620 flight case



Pro HD Wireless Video System:  

          • Transmitter:
              • HD-SDI, resolution up to 1080p 60 fps
              • Wireless range: up to 300 ft (90m)
              • Low power ~4.5W
              • Milled aluminum chassis
              • Multiple mounting options with 1/4” holes
              • Custom Faceware Pro HD Headcam mounting plate and Power Harness
              • Weight: 7 oz
              • Size: 58mm x 110 mm
              • Can co-exist with Wifi and 5 GHz cordless phones
          • Receiver:
            • Dual HD-SDI Output
            • Resolutions up to 1080p 60 fps
            • Low power ~6W
            • 1/4” Through-hole for easy mounting
            • Size: 75mm x 110mm
            • Includes universal clamp mount

Pro HD Headcam – Video Examples

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