Faceware Motion Sensor Update

Citizen Con 2948

When we embarked on this journey with Cloud Imperium Games to create the world’s first Face over Internet Protocol (FOIP) feature, we began designing the Faceware Motion Sensor in parallel. A year later, we’re excited to share the latest updates with you. We’ve been working hard to create an innovative and unique camera with features that are completely optimized for Star Citizen and FOIP. In some ways this has been a straightforward development process, but in other ways, it has meant creating a product that flies in the face of typical webcams. It’s meant creating something new and that has been a fun and unique challenge.


The Faceware Motion Sensor prioritizes high frame rate capture over USB3.0. The faster the frame rate, the more of your subtle motion we can capture, even in practically “no light” scenarios where webcams traditionally struggle or can’t capture at all. Our innovative sensor can see your face in almost complete darkness and the camera will still maintain frame rate and a full-color image. You’ll have the option to capture at 60fps in multiple resolutions, including 1080p, so that as your computer’s horsepower increases you’ll continue to have a great experience. Finally, the image tone, color, and balance have been tuned to work best with our face tracking technology and to enhance the quality of the results in game.

Since we announced our partnership over a year ago, we’ve spent countless hours working to solve a myriad of unique product development challenges. We’ve gone through dozens of iterations and tested over a hundred different sensors; all the while working to ensure we’d be able to price the product competitively so as many could enjoy it as possible.

We’ve always believed that FOIP and the ability to capture not just your facial expressions, but the emotion behind them, has the potential to create a level of immersion never before seen in a game. The team at CIG has worked tirelessly to ensure FOIP is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. In that same spirit, we took the extra time to develop a product that was up to the same standard.

With FOIP releasing this week, we’re moving into the final stages of production and we’re excited to say we’ll have news very soon on a release date, pricing, and pre-orders for the Faceware Motion Sensor. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support and passion of the Star Citizen community. Thanks for your patience, and in the meantime, we can’t wait to see what you do with FOIP.

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