Faceware Honored to Receive postPerspective Award from SIGGRAPH 2017

By August 17, 2017News

Our Faceware Interactive division is honored to be recognized by postPerspective as a winner of the postPersepctive Impact Award from SIGGRAPH 2017 for Faceware Live 2.5.

The postPerspective Impact Award honors innovative products and technologies for the post production and production industries that will influence the way people work. Seeking to recognize debut products with real-world applications, the postPerspective Impact Awards are determined by an anonymous judging body comprised of respected industry professionals.
“Faceware Live 2.5 is a game changer for the industry. With technology advancements in CG, VR/AR/MR, interactive marketing, and graphics processing, we’re seeing a growing number of inquiries for live CG performances and the ability to ‘drive’ digital characters in real time,” shares Peter Busch, vice president of business development at Faceware Technologies. “To deliver on that, the market needs face tracking technology that is completely stable and tracks facial movements across a range of different conditions. With Live 2.5, we’re taking another important step toward making that future a reality.  The quality of realtime, markerless tracking we can do now is absolutely mind-blowing.”
Congratulations to all the postPerspective award winners!

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