Faceware offers two distinct product lines for producing Facial Animation. Analyzer and Retargeter for high quality, non real-time production animation, and Faceware Live for real-time, interactive animation. All of our software works with single-lens, RGB video cameras: No Depth Required.



Non Real-Time Software

Create realistic film-grade animation with Analyzer and Retargeter

Faceware Analyzer

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What is Analyzer?

Analyzer is markerless facial motion tracking software.  It converts any video of an actor’s facial performance into facial motion files for use in Retargeter.

What does it do?

Analyzer uses our powerful facial recognition technology to track the face and create high-quality facial motion capture data with a simple, intuitive workflow. Our Autotrack feature will blow you away with it’s accuracy, and now you can even stream your live footage straight into Analyzer to begin capturing, editing and analyzing your footage faster and easier than ever.


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Faceware Retargeter

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What is Retargeter?

Retargeter is a plug-in for Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, and Motionbuilder. It uses the facial motion data from Analyzer and applies it to any rig.

What does it do?

Using a smart combination of your facial poses and high-quality movement data, Retargeter gives you the complete control and flexibility you need to create fluid, convincing facial animation all while saving time and energy. Prune out unnecessary Keys, adjust smoothing values, and manipulate your animation data with freedom and precision.


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Real-Time Software

Drive your characters in Real-Time with Faceware Live

Faceware Live

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What Does Live Do?

Live is markerless, real-time facial motion capture software. It converts live video into facial motion data which can be applied to a character instantly. In this regard it is very similar to Faceshift with a few exceptions:

No Depth Required

Faceware Live uses Single Camera RGB video as input. No depth sensor is needed for our software to quickly and accurately track the motion of the face.

What this means for you is no more troubleshooting your Kinect drivers or dealing with low resolution data. Faceware Live works with virtually any camera that can stream video to your PC, giving you a much wider range of products to choose from. Whether it’s a HD video from your 30fps webcam, or a 200fps Point Grey Grasshopper, you can find the right camera for your job and use it with Faceware Live.

If you need to make the switch from your current depth camera to RGB and you need a high quality solution, you can visit our Hardware page or Contact us for a quote. We also recommend the Logitech C910 or C920 Webcams.

Simple Set up

Any character you previously used with Faceshift will likely work with Faceware. Our Character Setup utility will guide you through a list of expressions that will teach our software how to drive your rig properly.

First, you will add your rig’s controls into our Character Setup utility. Then you will move your rig through a series of expressions that will tell our software how to drive it just the way you want. The process is simple, and will easily allow you to transfer your Faceshift character into Faceware Live.

Here is our character setup tutorial for Autodesk Motionbuilder to help give you an idea of the ease of using Faceware Live, and Here is our guide for creating good characters for use with Faceware Live.

Plug in to Motionbuilder, Unity, and Unreal or Write your Own Plugins

Faceware Live Client is available for Motionbuilder, Unity, and Unreal. This means an easy transition into the application of your choice for animating in real-time. Additionally, our open protocol allows you to write your own custom plugins for any engine.

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How do I convert my Characters to Faceware?

If your characters have facial rigging, they are likely already compatible with Faceware. You will simply need to use our Character Setup utility to teach our software how to properly manipulate your existing rig.

First, you’ll add your controls in Character Setup. Then you’ll move your character through a series of expressions that will tell our software exactly how you want your character to look for each expression. The process is simple, straight forward, and will easily allow you to transfer your Faceshift character into Faceware Retargeter or Faceware Live.