E3 Game Roundup

By June 15, 2017News

E3 2017 – the biggest event in the gaming industry – may be over, but the anticipation and buzz on all the new games continues on! A recent article from gameindustry.com reported these incredible stats related to social media conversations about E3 news within the last week:

  • a third of people talking about E3 and its games on Facebook are women, with men making up 65% of the conversation
  • 78% are in their teenage years or early twenties
  • 2.9m people have been talking about FIFA 18
  • FIFA 18 and Call of Duty: WWII led the way with 3.7m views each on video coverage
  • COD beat FIFA when it came to activity on Twitter (No.1 with 25,000 RTs vs No.4 with 15,700) and Facebook (No.3 with 35,100 shares vs No.10 with 13,100)

Here at Faceware, we’re excited for so many of our partners on their upcoming title releases. Check out a few of the mind-blowing trailers in the articles below:

Bungie - Destiny 2

Monolith - Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

EA - Madden '18

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