DOOM: Recreating the Legend

By June 2, 2016News

Without a doubt, the iconic horror first-person shooter DOOM forever changed video games when it first launched over 20 years ago. “DOOM is a Deathmatch, an attitude, an expression,” says DOOM Senior Producer Sean Bean. “It’s rock-n-roll and sending demons straight back to Hell with a double-barrel shotgun with blood on your face.”

Facial Animation for the Speed of Production

When the time came to reboot the iconic game and take cutscenes to the next level, CounterPunch Studios brought in Faceware’s Analyzer and Retargeter software. Andrew Egiziano, owner of CounterPunch Studios has a deep relationship with the tools, “the CounterPunch team has been using the tools alongside the developers for years…The software that Faceware produces allows our company to achieve higher quality animation at unprecedented turnarounds. This allows us to create high volume quantities of quality animation in very short timelines.”

Animators can then focus on creativity and bringing out the best performance possible. Analyzer tracks points on a performance capture actor’s face and sends the data to Retargeter to apply that data onto a CG character in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take. “The software did the heavy lifting with our artists’ direction. This gave our artists more time to focus on the details and fine-tune the areas that take the animation to the next level,” Egiziano explains.

“Analyzer does a great job at capturing the essence of the performance – the process allows us to quickly choose extreme facial shapes in order to train the software in capturing the most out of the performance. We can really capture the necessary subtleties of the performance… Once the data is converted to use with Retargeter, it creates and constructs an animation based on these poses – this saves time and allows the artist to focus on creativity and personality of the character,” Egiziano continues.

The CounterPunch team delivers an amped experience for DOOM packed with creativity, personality and action that makes the game better than ever. Check out the trailer…if you dare!

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